Tomato greenhouse

Tomato greenhouse “Julia”


  • protection from rain
  • optimal incidence of light
  • perfect ventilation
  • measurements: 200 x 200 x 100 cm
  • thermally insulated base
  • integrated growing aids for the plants
  • delivered ready-to-plant


Additional information

Weight90.83 kg

(L×B×H): 195cm × 99cm × 200cm


(L×B×H): 200cm × 100cm × 200cm

Why should you choose a tomato greenhouse?

Tomatoes are among the most popular plants for home-gardening and more and more gardeners dream of a garden for home-growing all the vegetables and fruits needed on a daily basis. Most often, the starting point for such an endeavour is setting up a raised garden bed for vegetables and salad. Since tomato plants tend to reach a certain height, they are not ideal for planting on an elevated or raised garden bed. In addition to that, tomato plants need extra care: If they are exposed to too much rain, they start to rot. If your garden suffered from crop failures in the past or if you want to maximise your yield, you should consider buying a tomato greenhouse.

Under the appropriate conditions, it is easy to grow tomato plants. In the tomato house your plants are ideally protected against harming weather conditions! They are effectively shielded from rain, while they still receive a maximum amount of sunlight due to the translucent doors. You can adjust the tilt angle of the opened doors on the sides depending on the weather and your needs. Thereby, your tomatoes are ideally ventilated and can thrive unharmed. The thermally insulated base of the tomato greenhouse ensures that the roots are not freezing in colder temperatures and that the plants do not suffer from the cold. With its acreage of 2 m², the tomato house is big enough for at least 5 plants. The chains included in the package serve as growing aids for your plants and support their weight when the plants are filled with tomatoes. Thanks to the high yield you get enough tasty and healthy tomatoes for a family of four. When the house is delivered to your doorstep, it is already assembled and you just have to set it up at your chosen spot.

Buy your optimal tomato greenhouse online

Buying a tomato greenhouse pays off for everyone who wants to harvest their own tomatoes. To use the space in the tomato greenhouse ideally, you should grow at least 5 tomato plants. The elaborate construction of the house is perfectly adjusted to the needs of tomato plants: It ensures their growth and your tomatoes can thrive within the greenhouse. If you decide to buy our tomato house “Julia”, you will enjoy high yields every year!


Better without plastic films – the ideal materials for a tomato greenhouse

In contrast to conventional and cheap tomato houses that are usually made of plastic bars and films, the tomato greenhouse “Julia” promises endurability and a robust and optimal protection against wind, rain, hail storms or damage due to wild animals. Our construction is a combination of metal bars and glass. Thereby, the tomatoes enjoy a perfect incidence of light while the plants are also very well protected. On each long side of the tomato house there are three glass doors that can be adjusted at four levels from slightly opened to wide ajar. The glass doors are easily adjusted by hand, so you can always ensure that your plants are ventilated and well protected at the same time.


Perfect soil climate in the tomato greenhouse

In addition to the optimal incidence of light and the protection against damage through wind and changing weather conditions, the tomato greenhouse also offers the best possible conditions for the roots: The thermally insulated base prevents the cooling and freezing of the roots and therefore ensures that your plants stay healthy.


Accessories make tomato cultivation even easier

The climbing aids which are included in the package are attached to the upper bars of the tomato house. The plants will use these chains to grow upwards. As a consequence, the branches will not hang too low, which could lead to the moulding of your tomatoes. To simplify the watering of your tomato house, we suggest using a drip irrigation system that can also be used in an elevated garden bed.

The tomato greenhouse “Julia” is delivered ready-to-plant, you just have to set it up in the right spot.