Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop “VillaHenriette”


Hen house “VillaHenriette”

  • Thermally insulated hen house for up to 6 chickens
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • 2 spaces for laying eggs
  • 1260mm × 880mm × 1540mm
  • Optional solar panel


Additional information

Weight57.5 kg

Grundgestell (L×B×H): 1260mm × 880mm × 1540mm
Dach (L×B): 1340mm × 1025mm

Buy a modern chicken coop online

You are interested in poultry keeping in your own garden and you would like to buy a hen house, but you are worried that you might not have enough time to take care of your chickens adequately and to clean the chicken coop? We have an easy solution for you: Buy our modern chicken coop “VillaHenriette” and your chickens will provide you with fresh organic eggs every day. Our hen house is easy to set up and to maintain, so it does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert in poultry keeping.

Perfect conditions for your hens

In general, chickens are undemanding animals and do not need a lot of care. Nevertheless, you should consider a few important aspects:

A good hen house has to be long-lasting and provide protection against foxes, martens and birds of prey. Furthermore, it has to protect the animals against harsh weather conditions and a dry shelter. “VillaHenriette” consists of galvanised, thermally insulated walls, therefore the chickens can feel at ease and safely protected against predators. Additionally, the materials used in our hen house ensure that mites and other pests cannot nest in the walls. The roof can be opened up during the warmer summer months, which provides additional ventilation. A gas pressure keeps the opened roof safely in position even in windy conditions. The two spaces for laying eggs provide enough space for 2 to 6 hens. A chicken water feeder (for which we also offer a mount) supply the chickens with water outside.


Easy to clean

The hen house is constructed with easy cleaning options in mind, so that it does not take much time or effort to keep it clean and provide a hygienic environment for your chickens. An opening in the back of the hen house makes it easy to remove the manure panel. After removing it, you can clean it efficiently with a grater that is included in the delivery. The nests are also accessible through the back panel and should be cleaned regularly.


The accessories you need for your hen house

If you consider buying a hen house, we offer the optimal supplies to make poultry keeping as easy as possible. The fencing elements made from metal or the practical poultry netting help in setting up an open space for your hens so that they can enjoy the sun and the grass outside. In every delivery, a protective net is included that can be adjusted above the enclosure to provide additional protection.The automatic flap takes on one of your most important tasks: A light sensors opens the flap in the morning and closes it again in the evening. You do not have to get up early to let the animals out of the hen house and neither do you have to be home in the evening to close the hen house again.



Know what you get

If you buy your own chicken coop, you know everything about the eggs that end up on your table: You are in full control over your chickens’ food, you can be sure that your chickens live in adequate housing and do not have to suffer. Your health and your chickens will thank you! Order the hen house “VillaHenriette” now online and supply yourself with fresh eggs from your own garden!